On June 17th at 08:30 UTC the Moon in sagittarius will reach a total opposition to the Sun in Gemini bringing us to the peak in awareness of this lunar cycle. This full moon holds in store for us a shift in perspective with the intention to liberate us from outmoded perspectives which keep us, knowingly or unknowingly, exchanging our truth for the security of the known. 

We can expect sudden shifts in our awareness to usher in a fresh perspective, opening us up to new avenues. This alignment means we will be asked to let go of what no longer serves our journey in order to make room for a new cycle. With eclipse season around the corner this may have more of an impact on your unfolding journey than it may seem at first. 

Lets take a look at the evolutionary potential of this Full Moon..

A New Home

Mercury, Mars and the North Node in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces and oppose Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn

This energetic alignment certainly reflects  some powerful energetic shifts at the collective and individual level. Both Mars and Mercury in Cancer will align with the planetary North Node of Pluto and Saturn, steering us into being very aware of our human need for belonging. The Planetary Nodes of Pluto and Saturn are located in the signs Cancer/Capricorn, which reflect what would be considered the building blocks for how we form and establish our collective civilisation. We as individuals integrate ourselves into the formation of the structures, and then live out our purpose through the various identities that are embedded in our society.

Within the context of these very large evolutionary cycles, this Full Moon brings an energetic end to a collective cycle, and will simultaneously initiate a new energetic pattern into our lives. The old cycles of structure will continue to disappear as we reshape our lives around new values and principles, which we can see through the lens of Saturn and Pluto’s connection in Capricorn. As we explore innovative ways to find what holds meaning in our lives and what does not, we will witness the natural unfolding of this evolutionary shift materialise itself.

As the natural maturing clock of our human growth moves along, so will we begin to see the old paradigm of the past no longer hold any meaning or purpose for us. This can be understood as the natural maturing phase a young child goes through as he transitions from a youthful childlike stage into the teenage phase, where the meaning once held in playing with dolls and toys is replaced with the desire to integrate into a social role. These energies reflect a natural maturing of our emotional selves and as we move through this period so too do we let go of the connection to the purpose and meaning of the old.  

A change in the Pattern

Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, Oppose the Sun and Venus in Gemini 

This energetic alignment brings to our awareness the tension between the emotional securities embedded in our beliefs and the meaning we have given to them. At another level this alignment supports the ongoing re shaping, through surrendering old truths and opening up to explore new fields of perception, progressively this is how we find new meaning in our lives, as we journey along this path of re-defining ourselves in this age of dramatic change.

What can been seen with this energetic alignment is how connection brings the pulse of new ideas and patterns of expansion, we need these connections in order to grow and establish deeper belonging to our environment. If we are not able to relate or find supportive connections, our life-force diminishes and so does our sense of growth and purpose. As we navigate through these times of change, finding and re building life from a deeper place within ourselves is essential, not only our individual unfolding process but also to our alignment with the communities which resonate with our authenticity as they will set the stage for our journey. The key with this transit is to observe the outmoding of our views and to hold an open mind and heart so we are able to fulfil our purpose with clarity and meaning. 



Life has no agenda other than to unfold. What becomes of us is inherently within us, and our very nature is consistently in a state of becoming. Becoming what? You might wonder.. and that is the very beauty of this journey, to watch as we become, to learn what it feels like, to grow wise as we follow the ebb and flow of our path. 

There are many misconceptions we hold about what life is supposed to be. Many untruths that hold us in patterns of discontent and suffering. Many of these misconceptions are rooted in ideals and expectations we hold about how our journey is supposed to look. Expectations about what a successful life should look like, about certain milestones we each must achieve in order to be acceptable, valuable members of society.. and even worse, to be happy.

When we place our expectations of happiness in an outcome we are placing it out of our reach, this perpetuates a constant striving for more, because even if we attain the object which reflects our contentment it will soon fade, only to be projected again into something new to strive for. If we instead choose to flip this process around and seek to live from a space of inner contentment and happiness we begin to manifest a life which reflects that. One that isn’t defined by the definitions, achievements and ideals that society has defined for us, but from an inner sense of living in alignment with ones inner truth and values.

There are no rules for how your life must unfold and manifest. There is not a perfect way, only your way. We don’t need to measure our success and happiness by its outer form, by the value others have placed in it but only by how we feel as we embody it, as the seasons of our life take us through different phases and timings which are all vital to our overall journey. If we turn our expectations into curiosity and openness we may be surprised at what our journey brings us, the lessons we learn, the resilience of our hearts and our unfading love. 

In the next phase of your becoming, I invite you to search for what is needed of you from within yourself. I invite you to let go of what you think you need and what you are expected to do but to instead tap into your inner truth and core and bring what you find to the surface of your life. Let your life become a reflection of your inner being rather than you a reflection of the outer existing forms. Let go of what no longer serves you in that pursuit and embody a fresh perspective

There is no one like you in this world and there never will be. No other can know how it is to be you, to have walked your path and to live your life. No other can see what you see and feel what you feel as you feel it. Allow your inner world to blossom out into the world as a beautiful display of your authentic inner nature. By showing up in each moment, balanced in the knowledge that you are living from the inside out, radiating your being-ness into the world, life celebrates your arrival.

With love
Simon & Jennifer

Full Moon in Sagittarius Video Forecast with Simon

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