New Moon in Libra

Burned By Our Illusions

October 9th, 2018

The past month has been a process of recreation. The New Moon in Virgo (September 9) began a process of re-arranging how we use our space and time, and creating new structures and routines in our lives that help nourish our unique dreams into existence. Then, at the midpoint of this lunar cycle, the Equinox and Full Moon in Aries (September 25) raised our awareness of our essential emotional needs – what inspires us and what does not – and invited us to surrender what feels draining, tired and uninspiring so the past can finally fade away.

Now, with the remnants of the past rapidly falling away, the energy of today’s New Moon in Libra reflects one main intention: liberating us from suffering by breaking down the illusions that burn — those of separation, past pains, and the protections we build to try and shield ourselves from future ones.

Let’s look at the astrological energy patterns that are reflecting our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Deep Impact

The Sun, Moon and Ceres in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct Neptune in Pisces

Pluto’s alignment to today’s New Moon will bring about a deep impact on our lives. The current Venus Retrograde cycle signifies a time of total inner re-evaluation, and as we begin a journey into our underworld, the evolutionary intention of these alignments is to change the way we relate to ourselves and others. We are about to journey to the depths of our own inner psyche and it is going to be intense — and by now most of us have already had an experience that has clearly shown us we are heading into a time of deep personal self-inquiry.

In order for us to work with and not against this energy, we will have to face deeply repressed patterns of self-sabotage, shame, guilt, abandonment, disempowerment and core feelings of loss. This energy is not going to be a walk in the park for us to process — but remember, this New Moon has one main intention for us: Liberating us from suffering. However this statement may appear paradoxical over the coming days, as the experiences we will endure will likely appear the to achieve the opposite, due to Neptune inconjunct the Sun and Moon.

When this happens, it helps to remember: the inconjunct is an angle that reflects a blind spot in our awareness. What makes this energy tough is not that we have to see and purge the deepest feelings of our own human suffering, but more that we don’t see it coming and therefore don’t know how to contextualise it when it happens.

But there is hope, and change is coming. This is just an evolutionary phase we have to move through in order to heal the deep core wounds we humans carry. The best gift we can give ourselves during this time is to be patient; to allow ourselves the space we need to release the core attachments we hold. This is a chance to free ourselves from the tension of the deep dark feelings we hold onto inside of ourselves.

The Light and the Dark

Uranus in Taurus square Mars in Aquarius oppose Venus and Persephone in Scorpio and Mercury in Libra

The evolutionary intention for this alignment shows us that, in order to grow our hearts and to hold deeper layers of love for ourselves and each other, we have to see both sides of experience: the light warmth that comes with joy, excitement, pleasure and fulfillment and the darkness, of confusion, loss, transmutation, and loss of meaning.

With the asteroid Persephone conjunct Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, an invitation is extended to us — to see that the pain of separation and the acceptance of love are what unify us in the heart. In particular, this alignment’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus will show us that we carry subconscious memories of both separation and acceptance.

As we journey into the underworld of our own memories, it is important to remain aware that, if we look at our experience in this unified way — if we embrace the duality of experience — we will cultivate profound layers of compassion and empathy for ourselves and for others. We will feel and experience states of awareness that go beyond duality and into singularity. It is in this state that all suffering fades away, we become transmuted at an alchemical level, and begin a much deeper evolutionary journey.

Be aware, however, that with Venus squaring the Karmic Nodes of the Moon we will likely swing between states of separation and acceptance. Allow yourself to not act from either state but to remain centered on what is being shown to you. This approach — observing without attachment — will help liberate us from the suffering held in the mind.

Grace as an Active Behaviour

Neptune in Pisces trine Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius trine the Sun and Moon in Libra

In combination, this energetic “supporting cast” is here to show us that there is always hope and rejuvenation.

Life flows and grows in all directions, and will inevitably move most gracefully in the direct of least resistance. When we move through deeply transmuting times like these, the wisdom of the water elements helps us shape ourselves — like water — to the needs of our evolutionary path.

As we journey into the deep layers of our own subconscious mind we will face many emotions that are rooted in states of disempowerment. In order to heal these core wounds, we have to approach them the same way a nurse approaches an open wound on a solider or a mother nurturing her child through an emotional trauma — through comfort, genteelness, openness, and a sensitivity that can only be cultivated by opening our hearts up to feel the pain in our own lives and in what life can be.

The healing balm of today’s New Moon comes in the form of being deeply and actively loving to our own emotional wounds. Give yourself the best chance you can to be open and present with the judgments you place on yourself and others in times of emotional release. When we allow ourselves to see and understand our own pain, when we allow and trust ourselves enough to feel safe with our insecurities and vulnerabilities, we become more aware and compassionate toward the pain of others. The wisdom that the water elements bring is the lesson of emotional resilience — the courage to surrender to the path ahead and flow over the edge without the fear of falling.

The New Moon’s Message: Burned By Our Illusions

Are you feeling a deep longing to be held in unconditional love? A longing for absolute connection and undoubtable trust that you are safe to relax and receive all that you need and give all that you feel? Have you felt that longing burn you lately, as you grasp for the connection you feel you need and find it is just out of reach, or maybe even completely absent?

When we feel that burn, it is really the fire within us burning away the illusion that we do not have what we are seeking within ourselves. It is the pure wisdom within our hearts seeking an outer reflection of what is inherently known within — seeking to find a place safe enough to allow its “unreasonable” wisdom to be heard without judgement and trusted without hesitation.

The fire that burns away our illusions is a painful one to feel. It burns all the way to the depths of our longing, showing us the very place we wish to bring into light: the longing to allow our love, compassion, humility and wisdom to lead; the longing to express our truth in all its tender and vulnerable authenticity, and expose and liberate the place that is kept so deeply inside us, fiercely protected by layers of defence that protect us from the pain of the burning fire that hurts so much.

Have you considered that maybe you are the safe place to hold that pure frequency and that, by expressing it, it can only grow stronger? Maybe the many burns you have felt were not to hurt you but to bring your awareness to the resilient nature of your love. Maybe it is really your suffering being burned away so that you can know that your love can endure, that the longing of your heart continues no matter how many hurts it has felt.

It is time to allow your heart’s wisdom to be expressed in its purest form — to allow the fire to burn away the defences, the reasons for them, the past pains, and the protections from future ones. It is time to allow our authentic inner self to be expressed and to trust that it will be reflected back to us is some form. We are invited to allow our illusions of separation to burn away, to feel the pain of the untruths being purged from ourselves so that we can reconnect with our truest being; to give only what we are and receive only what others are, with love. The rest must burn away!

With love,
Simon & Jennifer