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In the centre of our own core we hold such incredible potential, and yet, for some reason, we never seem to harness it. Through the experience of social rules, mis-placed judgments, distorted masculine and feminine principles, and the various deceptions of our hierarchical societies, we become lost in a maze, seeking to know love and acceptance and find the path that is right for us from outside of ourselves. Disconnected from our true nature, and therefore Source, we become lost to the void.

Making the choice to question, learn, experience and grow, to discern for ourselves, to reject established structures and ideals that do not serve us, and to stop following blindly, puts us back on the path of knowing ourselves, and beingourselves. And today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is showing us exactly what direction we are moving in and what action is required of us to make it happen. Specifically, it offers us the long-awaited clarity we need to see the structures and ideals we still hold within us that are holding us back, and the drive to truly anchor our unique vision —our contribution to the new paradigm — into brilliant, sparkling reality.

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Saturn Sagittarius Square Jupiter Virgo and Square Venus / Neptune Pisces.

This alignment brings in a potent focal point in the current process of shifting and changing our core beliefs. With Saturn reflecting to us the outdated core beliefs we still hold, its Square alignment to Neptune and Venus (both in Pisces) is reflecting to us the duality held within those beliefs. Assisting this process is Jupiter in Virgo, which offers great potential for healing.

We can take advantage of this alignment by trusting our desire to return to wholeness, breaking outdated patriarchal laws that rule our inner thoughts and actions and daring to break the societal mould. As individuals in a distorted and disconnected society, we edit ourselves, our dreams, and our inner most desires, as we are afraid of being persecuted, judged or shamed by man-made laws and social expectations. This alignment is offering a total shift in that perspective, and we are being prompted to open up to what is most authentic to us, and to serve that personal journey in the deepest sense possible. Our path toward enlightenment is illuminated by tuning in to our unique inner vision.

Pluto in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Virgo and Quincunx Urnaus in Aries

As we become more effective in grounding in the new paradigm into reality, in alignment with Source, this powerful alignment will add extra encouragement to our pursuit. For 4 years, Uranus (liberation) has been in the sign of Aries (instinct) and Squaring Pluto (evolution). This alighment has been promoting change, opening up the human collective to clearly see its own distortions and to begin individuating and searching for new meaning. During that time, most of the ideas and directions we have experienced have been very random and impulsive, making the process of anchoring the new paradigm somewhat haphazard.

Now, as Jupiter makes the Quincunx alignment to Urnaus, we are becoming very exact about what direction and action must be taken to make our new lives and directions sustainable and abundant and real. The powerful Trine of Earth signs — Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn — is leading us to asking ourselves: What is the direction I wish to take and how can I be of service to create that goal?

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries Opposite the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra

At this time, Mercury forms an exact Conjunct with the Sun in Aries, adding energy to our new sense of direction. This formation highlights and provides clarity (Mercury) to our new direction, and ignites inspiration (the Sun) for achieving it.

Remember, our time on Earth at the moment is about shifting and grounding a new paradigm. This alignment helps and supports us in our spiritual evolution, while the Lunar Eclipse that is forming in Opposition to Mercury and the Sun reminds us that balance is key. Sharing, inclusion, acceptance and equality help to build sustainable relationships and encourage growth. Providing clarity and inspiration, this alignment shows us where the work still needs to be done in ourselves, and gives us the drive to do it — to create a new future.

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Our current societal structures, institutions like the school system etc. teach us how to think. We are taught to memorize and repeat information creating new clones of people into the world who all know exactly how to live within the box. We are also taught from a young age that if we question the current ways of doing and being that we will be punished or ridiculed. If we refuse to conform we will be labelled, one way or another. We are taught how to think, act and live and as we learn and reinforce this conditioning, it creates neurological pathways in our brains that become like paved roads for us to walk on. But we are not given any support or encouragement to develop and train our own innate abilities, to be the innovative creators that we inherently are or to pave new roads that are both true to our inner nature and a threat to institutionalized systems of control.

If we wish to create a new world then we must first begin by making new pathways in our minds; by expressing our soul’s unique blueprint and BE who we came here to be. This means that we need to truly BE the change we wish to see in the world with every fibre of our being. It’s not enough to talk the talk — it’s time to also walk the walk.

While it is natural to feel anxious walking new paths of any kind, allow any feeling of anxiety dissolve into excitement and anticipation for what is to come — for what we’re about to co-create. This is a time when we need to unashamedly BE all the things that we are at our very core, while moving bravely in the direction of our unique blueprint. We are learning to trust our inner guidance system for the first time, and strengthening that trust takes practice, courage and commitment to walking our own path.

Simon & Jennifer