[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b)The Invisible Made Visible(/b)” subtitle=”April 11th, 2017″ uptitle=”Full Moon In Libra ” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]Recent astrological alignments have created a deep sense of desire to break free, and to act and live with passion and purpose. This energy has simultaneously supported steps toward the new directions we want to create in our lives, and also highlighted the areas in our lives that are in conflict with those new directions, as the relationship between our internal voice and our outward reality has been brought into focus. In essence, we have become more whole within ourselves while also creating a discord with our outer reality, which has not changed.

Now, with 4 planets in retrograde motion during this lunar cycle, the invisible and unconscious aspects of our being are becoming visible. The current astrological alignments are making us acutely aware of the emotional wounds we carry, and providing us with the emotional triggers we need to help bring awareness to — and heal — those wounded aspects of ourselves.

Let’s look at the energetic potential of the current astrological alignments, and what they mean for the next phase of our evolution.

Pluto in Capricorn squaring the Sun and Uranus in Aries and the Moon and Jupiter in Libra

Social re-adjustment:

The nature of this energy pattern is bringing to the fore the evolutionary dynamics that have until recently been happening in the background, and thus, it is greatly influencing our experience of today’s Full Moon in Libra.

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2023) has forced us (and will continue to force us) to totally re-construct the way we relate to ourselves as human beings; the boundaries we maintain and the framework through which we govern ourselves. Adding to this evolutionary energy of Pluto in Capricorn, we also have Uranus moving through Aries (2011-2018). Generally speaking, square alignments reflect a change in direction, and help to create the necessary evolutionary adjustments in our awareness to make it happen. Practically speaking, the combined influence of these two planets connecting with each other in this way has brought about a very profound set of human circumstances, which we see in our world today as the widespread fracturing of identities and shifts in our personal and collective ideals and desires, and because of those changes, as the rise of both conscious and unconscious movements that support these new expressions of human ideal.

The energy of today’s Full Moon brings brings about a very interesting dynamic which highlights to us the need to find common ground among such diversity, on which to unite. The development of Pluto and Uranus’s respective transits, which (as outer-system planets) take a long time to move through each sign, have brought us to a point at which we absolutely must begin to find mutual respect for the unique diversity we see in the expression of our individual desires… and we will do this through the experience of polarity.

As the Moon connects with Jupiter in Libra, which both oppose the Sun and Uranus in Aries, we have a dynamic that asks us to find balance through the experience of extremes. Right now, it can feel as if everything in our lives is operating through extremes, with energy swinging from one pole to another, and creating deep uncertainty, instability and great confusion in the process. This feeling of polarity and extremity will ease with time, as the planets move on from these alignments. For now, just realize that these alignments are promoting a process of re-adjustment; we are seeking environments and directions that will enable us feel the space and freedom to be natural and unconstrained within ourselves.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde

Inner relations and reflections:

As we move through the month of April, we will see a total of three planets go retrograde and one planet move out of retrograde.

Retrograde motion: this image shows the relative position of Mercury each day, moving from direct to retrograde to direct, as seen from the moving perspective of Earth.

Venus has been retrograde for just over a month now, and will turn direct on April 15. During its retrograde motion, Venus backtracked through Aries before finally moving into Pisces, where it is currently making a conjunction to the asteroid Chiron. Both of these bodies are currently squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. As we mentioned earlier, the square alignment reflects a development in our awareness and our being, and this is often experienced as two-steps-forward and one-step-back, as we try new things and perspectives, to see what works and does not. Energetically, the inner expression of Venus relates to the inner dialog we have with ourselves while the outward vibration of Venus is reflected in how we externalize that inner relationship to the outer world. So, with the Square alignment, Venus retrograde is reflecting our inner adjustment and re-alignment with perspectives and ideals that reflect our essential innermost needs, wants and expectations of our lives, and how we relate this to others and the outside world.

Saturn turned retrograde on April 6, going direct again on April 25. The Saturn archetype reflects the boundary between the conscious awareness of one’s self and the unconscious, so this retrograde motion asks that we examine the self at a most personal level. As Chiron is an energy that reflects our connection to our unconscious self, its alignment with Saturn (in Sagittarius) as well as Venus (in Pisces) is creating a tension that can cause for us to feel very uncomfortable in our own emotional bodies, and with others. A great deal of emotional pain and wounding can surface during this time. Finding inner stillness is the key to experiencing it with the highest intention.

Mercury retrograde will begin on the April 10 (until May 3). This is an interesting mercury retrograde as when mercury goes retrograde we look to its polarity to understanding the dynamics, which is Jupiter. In this case we also have Jupiter (Libra) retrograde, which then points to Uranus (Aries) which has a very strong conjunction with the sun (Aries).  This points to a very clear and powerful energy intention around this full moon and around the current retrograde planets. Individuation and de conditioning from what no longer supports and gives us freedom to be natural to explore our desires.

Jupiter will also remain in a retrograde motion (February 6 — June 9) as these changes take place. Jupiter reflects our personal truth; the belief system we develop in order to make sense of the phenomena we call reality. So during this time of retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde will drive us to continue working through the cosmological overlay of our personal truth.

As we experience these retrograde motions in combination, Mercury retrograde will promote the organisation of our reality through rethinking how we process and define ourselves. This in turn will support the process of re-adjusting our core values and needs (Venus retrograde) which will then promote our awareness of the dynamics between the outside world and our shifting personal truth (Jupiter retrograde), leading us to find what truly holds truth and meaning for us (Saturn Retrograde) at this stage of our spiritual evolution.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Full Moon’s Message

The invisible made visible:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

As the tide moves the ocean, the effects of the invisible is made visible. Our e-motions are that same energy — the energy of life itself — moving us, just as it does the oceans. And so, it is through the emotional body that we are evolving on a moment-to-moment basis. The energetic currents are presently stirring up deep waves within our being, which are driving us toward healing our relationship with ourselves and then, in effect, with others. This healing comes not only through encouraging acts of self-love and but also through bringing our awareness to our relationship with our pain.

As human beings, our traumas and painful emotional events become crystallised in time, encased and protected, then left to be processed from another emotional place at another time in our journey, with the benefit of objective reflection. But these wounds do not disappear, they just stay there waiting to surface — waiting to be acknowledged and healed. Often this happens through our interactions with others, who unknowingly trigger our wounds, which in turn arise and radiate their unhealed energy. Often, blinded by the emotional experience, we fail to recognise the original wound that caused the pain and so we project the severity of that past experience onto others today, as a way of protecting ourselves from that core experience that we may not be ready to face. But it takes energy to carry this weight within our soul, and ultimately, we aren’t protecting ourselves from that experience, we are just delaying facing and healing it — at our own detriment, and others’.

The current astrological alignments and the energies they reflect are providing us with the triggers we need, to help us bring awareness to and heal those wounded aspects of ourselves; to rewire the beliefs we have formed to protect them, to find ways to integrate the awareness gained from those experiences, and to expand our awareness of the nature of life and reality. What was once invisible is being made visible. Then, as we gain insight into ourselves, we are able to turn that vision outward, using our insight to help ease the suffering of others and holding space for them to experience and heal their pain — so that they, in turn, are able to do the same for others.

Thus, the effects of our inner healing can make a profound difference to the world, not through grand gestures but through the ripples we create by being a pure expression of the invisible tides moving through us, and moving us through this evolutionary shift in human awareness.

Imagine a world where we have all consciously integrated our unconscious selves — a world ruled by personal growth and awareness. That is a world in which we will truly be able to experience the diversity among us, and celebrate each of us as unique expressions of Source. From the smallest to the greatest challenges we each individually face, we overcome them one day at a time, one choice at a time, by integrating our inner values into the world around us. To achieve this, we must become a walking example of change — an expression of your own inner truth, buoyed by the tides of evolution.

Simon & Jennifer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]