[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b)Lose Your Mind, Live From the Heart(/b)” subtitle=”January 31st, 2018 ” uptitle=”Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo ” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]The energy of the current lunar cycle, which began with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 17, has confronted us with an unavoidable fact of our reality — one that can be challenging to our sense of self-identity — that all forms and structures, by their impermanent nature, will inevitably collapse upon themselves in a constant cycle of destruction and renewal. As a result, the energetic shifts we have been working through in recent weeks have related very strongly to the concepts of limitation and liberation, structure and creation.

Now, with the arrival of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we are called to take a leap of faith. Having observed the need to balance creativity with structure in order to manifest harmony and beauty, we are being called to go beyond the limitations of existing forms and identities, surrender to the unknown, and trust not only in our ability to navigate from the heart, but to trust that our heart-centredness is the place from which our own unique destiny will naturally unfold.

Let’s look at the energy patterns of the Full Moon and the energies that will shape our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

It’s All About Resonance

The Sun, Venus and the South Node in Aquarius, and Mercury in Capricorn, square Jupiter in Scorpio and oppose the Moon and North Node in Leo.

With today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, and the alignments that are supporting it, a very powerful invitation is available to us, to find and embrace heart alignment in our lives.

As a vibrational archetype, Aquarius (Sun, Venus and South Node of the Moon) reflects how we see and experience the world in our own personal way, and the path of breaking away from crystallized thought patterns that keep us from seeing new possibilities. Meanwhile, the sign of Leo (the Moon and North Node) reflects to us the path of special destiny through which each of us is designed to experience and evolve; our awakening path, which flows through and around us. When our surrounding environment and the people in our lives reflect this path back to us, then in each moment our holistic self is able to be present with us.

Currently, the energy pattern between the Sun and the South Node is in completion cycle while simultaneously, Venus is in a new cycle with the South Node, which is all happening in Aquarius. These alignments are in opposition to the Moon and North Node in Leo.

With this pattern, the old and the new are both present with us, which leads us to have the experience of not knowing where to go but knowing where not to go. While it can feel like stagnation, this energetic dynamic opens us up to understand that the choices and movements that are right for us come from being in the moment. This place of heart-centred singularity is where our holistic self exists, and when we are in this space, we become aware of our true resonance.

When we ask ourselves “What is our destiny?”, we humans tend to look outside of ourselves for the answers, when really, what we have to do is fall into ourselves at the deepest level. By allowing this process to awaken us, we find and connect with our natural energetic process. By understanding our own resonance in the present moment, we can begin to live from a space of joy and wonderment, feel supported, and flow with what path feels right for us to transform through.

In this light, we come to see that everything in our lives is an opportunity to interact with our personal resonance in its purest form.

An Innocent Approach

Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius trine Chiron and Neptune in Pisces

Our path to maturity and adulthood can often lead us to forget what truly sits in our hearts and our souls. Indeed, seeing the world through childlike eyes is, to many of us, just a vague and distant memory.

The energy of this Lunar Eclipse is bringing focus to the very parts of ourselves that were lost along our journey of “growing up”, and, supported by Jupiter’s trine to Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, we are invited to begin opening our eyes to the wonder of pure innocence — the wonder of creative potential.

Although as adults we often spend our time thinking and planning and assessing, our greatest accomplishments and most magical moments come from the parts of ourselves that embody the spark of fulfillment, commitment, enthusiasm, and being so enmeshed in the moment that all limitations and boundaries dissolve and we are at one with the experience.

With Chiron in Pisces trining Mars in Sagittarius, we can feel either lost in disbelief or we can open up to trusting in a higher order of events that leads to synchronicity. Through childlike eyes we don’t see limitation and separation, we see each object or experience as a opportunity to explore more of what is here for us. Although it can make us feel vulnerable, when we take the innocent approach of following our heart, we are always met with flow and openness.

In complementary alignment, Jupiter in Scorpio asks us to commit to the unknown by embracing our vulnerabilities. If we are to allow our highest and most authentic self to be the guide of our earthly egos, and transmute the duality of this reality, we have to open our hearts to the darkness as well as the light — and remember that the heart-centre carries a unifying field that brings everything back to singularity.

Full Moon Message

In the great storm of change sweeping through our collective consciousness, we have all come to know what it is to yield to fate and surrender ourselves to the unknown at some point. We have all been taken to places within ourselves that we were afraid to face, and felt feelings we would rather avoid. We have been stripped of layers we once thought we needed to survive only to reveal deeper layers of our being.

Within our spirit we have a source of strength and love which is beyond anything our minds can perceive. The mind lives only within the boundaries of our physical linear reality, bound within time and unable to know the immensity of the true source of our being. So it fears that which is outside of that sphere and, paradoxically, holds on to the very things that limit us and conceal our true strength and light from us — keeping us in fear, unaware of our inner source.

The trials and tribulations we go through are not to break us but to open us up to know a deeper truth than we could ever conjure in our minds, and to know the resilience of our souls so that we can let go of our fears; to not only surrender to the fates of what we do not want but to know that those same fates can carry us into our deepest desires and that there is meaning in all the stories and experiences we live through.

With today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we are invited now to take a leap of faith — a leap into faith. Not faith that is rooted in a belief but faith that is rooted in trust. Trust that we are more than our minds and these bodies, trust that we are in this physical reality for more than our mere survival. And trust that what we sense in our hearts is real. We are invited to “lose our minds” and live courageously through our hearts — trusting that we are deeply connected to the natural order of life, and that we are directed in every moment through heart resonance.

When we can let go of what we think we need and trust the present moment to provide us with exactly what we need, we begin to allow ourselves to be moved by the greater forces of the universe, and enter a natural flow. When we quiet our thoughts we can begin to hear our hearts guiding us gently in a way our minds cannot, revealing to us our deeply meaningful connection with the intricate web of life.

“Put your thoughts to sleep. Do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.” ~ Rumi

By leaping out of the known and into our hearts, we no longer need to find the way, for in doing so, we become the way.

Simon & Jennifer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]