[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b) Closed Chapters, New Beginnings(/b)” subtitle=”June 9th, 2017″ uptitle=”Full Moon in Sagittarius ” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]A time of both deep healing and extreme upheaval, recent energy patterns have brought each of us a new awareness of our own emotional needs, traumas and triggers, and as a result, we have begun a process of re-evaluating our self, our identity, our values and our ideals — a process that has brought much mental unrest. Now, with a new sense of self firmly in place, we are having to re-adapt to the outer world, and realign our lives according to our newfound inner knowing.

The energy patterns of the past lunar cycle have not only supported but necessitated a process of liberation; of releasing ourselves from patterns and emotional connections that no longer support our new evolutionary direction, and making new space for what truly resonates with our souls. However this process — like evolution and enlightenment itself — is both a process of destruction and creation, death and rebirth. So, as we liberate ourselves of our past patterns, hurts and limitations, now is simultaneously a time of closing old chapters and creating new beginnings that are more truly aligned to our most soulful desires and dreams.

Let’s look at the evolutionary intention of today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius and the astrological alignments of the coming lunar cycle.

The Sun in Gemini oppose The Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

The energy of today’s Full Moon brings us some powerful levels of awakening. With the Moon in a completion phase to Saturn, we are dissolving past emotional connections to beliefs, ideals and relationships that once were true and beneficial for us, and facing deep realizations — that the things in our lives that no longer serve us and our greatest potential must be dissolved.

Although this process of dissolution may seem destructive, it also invites us to stand clear of our past and our previous attachments, and to see the new directions and potentials opening up before us.

Moreover, this process of creation won’t necessarily be clear to us at first, and neither should we rely on the (limited) Mind as the only tool through which to understand this transition. Currently Mercury (the mind) is making a Square alignment to Neptune, making things even more unclear to the logical mind.

For that reason, this is a time not to over-think but to watch with awareness the experiences and feelings that come up for us, while being conscious of not judging them or attaching a story to them; to allow feelings and emotions to be released without judgment; to follow your heart and your intuition; to love and accept yourself as you are; to follow your passions; align with the flow of life; move forward with modesty and integrity; and to allow your life to unfold from within.

Mars in Cancer, Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Libra

Supporting this process, Mars’ recent movement into the sign of Cancer will bring the further exploration of our deepest emotional nature. The nature of Mars is to push energy to the surface so we are able to understand the deeper and more complex emotional patterns held within our psyche. In the context today’s Full Moon, with Saturn and the Moon in a completion phase, we are being compelled to better understand our emotional relationships to our outer world — and in a period of such transition, this can cause a real sense of chaos and turmoil in both our inner and outer worlds.

Thankfully, Venus in Taurus adds a healthy dose of grounding to the chaos we are transiting through, helping us to slow down and view each situation through a more practical lens. And, from an evolutionary perspective, the transit of Venus through Taurus will promote a deep internal dialogue with ourselves about the nature of our feelings and emotions, helping us to manifest a new level of emotional awareness. This awareness offers us a sense of inner stability — the feeling that, despite the chaos turmoil we are experiencing, we will be okay no matter what.

Adding to this, Jupiter stations direct today, ending its recent retrograde cycle. This means that, in combination with the Moon and the Sun’s alignment and the completion phase of the Moon and Saturn, we are finally ready to make new choices that are purely rooted in liberation and self empowerment. With Jupiter representing our core values and perspectives, all past attachments to relationships and the truths we once held about them are being cleared away, and this opens us up to become more clear about what really is real and truthful for us, and what has a place in our futures.

The clarity brought to us by Jupiter’s return to a forward motion offers us a choice: an opportunity to choose our perspective. In the context of this great cosmic journey we are all on, everything is changing, and we can choose to experience our new direction as unsettling, or liberating.

North Node in Leo trine the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

Fundamentally, the trinity of Fire signs — Aries, Leo and Sagittarius — reflects the process of purifying and transmuting energy. As part of the great cosmic dance, this flow of energy leads us to find, explore and create new manifestations within our lives, in essence, breathing Fire into our evolutionary path. However the context of our lives and the stories we create within them can seem so confusing and chaotic at times — and that is especially true during periods of such intense transition.

Thankfully, the formation of this current Fire-trine alignment injects a sense of confidence, hope and optimism into the situation. Sudden changes and shocks will no doubt arise during this time, however with the energetic support of this Trinity of Fire, we are being called to respond to our changing circumstances with a sense of trust and a knowing that each event is leading us to release emotional baggage and trauma, furthering our spiritual evolution and bringing with it new feelings of revival and renewal — a welcome balance to the intensity of this period of transition.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Full Moon Message: Closed Chapters, New Beginnings

Now is undoubtedly a period of closing chapters, new beginnings, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about the future. As our minds try to understand and then anticipate what is going on, the very structure of our reality seems to be cracking beneath our feet, giving rise to conflicting feelings of utter excitement and possibility, and also loss and the surfacing of fear, trauma and emotional pain.

Because of these conflicting feelings, it is almost impossible to navigate, process and understand these multiple dimensions of reality through the linear process of the mind, which, by its nature, constantly attempts to reconcile those conflicts. Natural order seems to the human mind to be chaos — and in fact, the very experience is fracturing our mental processes. 

It is also making way for a new way of perceiving and defining our reality that is beyond the confines of the mind — one which we can choose to either resist, and distrust and deny, or embrace, and trust and celebrate. Whichever we choose, the mind can no longer be relied on as the primary tool through which we understand our reality.

We are changing at the most fundamental of levels. Everything is in motion right now, and yet, it is not clear to us as to which direction things are actually moving. And so we need to be flexible…

At an evolutionary level, we are untangling ourselves from the knots we have weaved ourselves into, by living within the creation of man-made order. We are releasing ourselves from the dynamics that inhibit the natural processes of creation to unravel and take shape and form.

Our reality consist of such a vast network of interconnections that the smallest change in one person’s day leads to a chain of affects that sweeps through the reality of everyone and everything in existence. So imagine then, what happens when all of us make far greater changes to our reality at once. This time of intensive transition is radically altering the very infrastructure we exist within. We are returning from a limited man-made order to an infinitely-complex natural order — one the mind cannot yet comprehend.

“Chaos theory simply suggests that what appears to most people as chaos is not really chaotic, but a series of different types of orders with which the human mind has not yet become familiar.”  — Frederick Lenz

In order to maintain momentum and flow in the midst of such change, it is best to bring your mind to the present moment and allow yourself to process things as they arise. It is helpful to hold the knowing in your heart that you are part of a process far greater than yourself, and that, as each individual allows the natural order of their lives to unravel, so too is the natural order established from the chaos.

We are in the midst of what many call the Great Shift, and we are here to bear witness to this unprecedented evolutionary process as it happens within us and manifests around us. We are evolving into a state of awareness of the greater scheme of things, bringing our collective consciousness into a total shift in awareness and perception. If we all focus inwards on our immediate reality, and continue to connect and align our lives with the natural order, the re-organizing of our collective reality in line with that order is already inherent.

Every single experience you have — every love you share, every soul you touch, every trauma you heal — is contributing to the butterfly effect of this great unraveling process.

Everything is connected. Nothing is for the sake of itself.

That is the nature of the natural order.

Be the change!

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