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On 16th of July 2014 Jupiter moved into the constellation Leo, where it will stay until August 2015.

In celebration of the Jupiter entering the Leo cycle, I would like to share with you a personal message on how to orientate your consciousness to this frequency.

But before I write about that I would like to review Jupiter’s passage throughCancer a little. It was most certainly an intense one for us all. Especially the last couple of weeks. I personally view this last Cancer cycle as one of the most difficult.  Simply because the evolutionary intention for humanity, at this point in time, is the Cancer archetype. The HOME! OUR HOME! EARTH! Be sure to read the Cancer/Capricorn article on my website or here on WUW. I go a lot deeper into the reasons as to why this transit was so important for humanity. For now, I will keep it short.

The biggest focal point in the transit was Jupiter’s association in the cardinal grand cross. Jupiter had many aspects made to it during this time. One of the biggest lessons this cycle was showing us was the need for total inner security. I spoke a lot about this during the transit. As we are having so much of our reality shifting and changing, the only thing for certain is change, and with change comes uncertainty. The need for security is a part of our human psychology. For many of us we have placed security outside ourselves, so it is natural during this time of change to feel insecure. So hopefully during this time you managed to shift your sense of security inwardly. True security exists within!

There were other aspects to this transit that gave us the opportunity to feel out parts of ourselves that were not emotionally aligned. We discovered and established natural ways of how to nurture ourselves. Cultivating better ways to nourish the body. The home front changed for us too. The new paradigm and our relationship to how we see mother earth has begun to now actually take shape. We feel a stronger connection to our roots. A shift in our self-image. We are actually forming a new identity, individually and collectively. Just take a look at the new ways in which you feel about things on earth at the moment.  Many have become awake to how we have affected our planet and I feel that now, we are not standing for any more damage.

So what is NEXT?

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I would like to share with you some insights relative to the Leo constellation.

LEO reflects itself in our conscious as the archetype of creative self-actualization. It gives color to the picture. It was during the transit of Pluto through Leo that color television first started to become concept that could be done. The Leo symbolically represented by the Sun, the light provider and center of our solar system. Astrologically speaking we observe how the light provides the plants with life force. The human body requires the same. The light that reflects through the water droplets after the rainfall provides us with the spectrum of light. The rainbow.

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As a part of the fire trine Aries/Leo/Sagittarius, Leo carries with it the element of spirit. The special destiny linked with the sign Aries is followed by the act of bringing that special destiny alive in Leo. So for all of us, the Spark of that creative self-expression is now up for grabs. Who is going for it?

Lessons in knowing how to actualize the journey ahead. Evolutionary speaking the sign Leo lacks social maturity. This is not to say it is not able to function in a social role, the Leo frequency holds itself as being the center of attention. Rightfully so. But the light shining so bright on itself prevents it from seeing others. So within this archetype we lack objectivity. As we live in a dimension of polarity we are asked to integrate the polarity of Leo. Aquarius. Aquarius holds for Leo the opportunity to learn objectivity. By integrating the awareness of another person’s reality and accepting the natural orientation of their identity you steer away from ego centric structure and self-glorification.

True pure recognition for your gifts is not something you can force. You enable the special destiny by showing up on earth saying. Hi, these are my skills and talents. Where do you need me?

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In our time space reality, we are really unable to conceive the totality of creation. Because this is the case, a natural orientation towards creating a belief system is developed in order to make sense of the phenomena called reality. What we will naturally require this orientation, as I wrote it enables us to make sense of our lives and to find a place where we feel we belong. This function relates to ourphilosophy. Our natural philosophy is what attracts us to the countries or places we choose to live. Think about it. If you have philosophy where in which you value water and sunshine and a relaxed way of life. Chances are you will find yourself wanting to live near the beach. Or if you belief in safety and family life, the suburbs will be a point of attraction. So Jupiter relates to that natural philosophy.

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As the cycle now begins, subtle frequencies will work differently from when Jupiter was in Cancer. Leo is yang energy, moving outward. So what we will be doing for this year is now updating our philosophy around how we go about creatively expressing ourselves. It will also give us the ability to now make our newly formed self-image feel alive.

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As humanity wakes up and starts to observe the truth of our current world. I invite you to act on the passion that drives you. With the help of this year cycle. Start leading the way forward for humanity. Start acting on the impulses and idea’s emanating from deep down inside of you. Bring to the world your divine spark! Actualize the dream! Follow the heart! Spread the love! Be the leader of the new paradigm! Show up in the world as the highest expression that there can possible be of YOU! The time to take a stand for humanity and for your home, mother earth is NOW! So bring life and attention things! Brand yourself!  Express your identity! Integrate your personal truth to the world! Share your gifts! Start breathing fire energy into your body!  Stand up for what you believe in!


Love and light