[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=” (b)The Intersection of Past, Present and Potential (/b)” subtitle=”March 28th, 2017″ uptitle=”New Moon In Aries ” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]Integrating Our Inner and Outer Worlds

The energetic story of recent astrological cycles is very clear; we are simultaneously closing off the evolutionary cycle of the last year and a half, and we are starting to feel and sense the new. But it’s not all smooth sailing into these new uncharted waters. The energy of the past two weeks has pulled us toward observing how we feel about the potential directions that are opening up in our lives. We have begun to notice the different values and needs our old paths once reflected compared to those reflected by our new path, our new self, and our desires for our new reality. Creating an intense period of reflection, these energy patterns have demanded that we examine our place in the world — both in our own individual lives and, in the bigger picture, as Spirit awakening in the body of its own creation.

While this can be a difficult internal process, it is necessary to illuminate our path toward a deeper, more meaningful human experience on Earth. By reflecting on the past, examining the present, and feeling into the future potentials that lie before us, this intersection is preparing us to step into the next phase of our own awakening, and to radically shift the consciousness of the planet.

Let’s look at the energetic potential of the current astrological alignments, and what they mean for the next phase of our evolution.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces and the Sun and Moon in Aries, and sesquiquadrate Mars in Taurus

Breaking free from the old, planting the seeds of the new.

These alignments are reflecting a very empowering energy through us right now, creating a deep sense of desire to break free, and to act and live with passion (Aries) and purpose (Sagittarius). We have worked so much on building and finding out what gives us meaning and purpose, and now, we want this to be lived outwardly. This energy is simultaneously supporting the new directions we all want to create in our lives, and also highlighting (in no uncertain terms) the areas in our lives that are in conflict with that new direction.

In understanding the energy of these alignments, it is also important to know that we are still under Venus retrograde (more on this below) and still under the direction of the North Node in Virgo. There is a deep evolutionary process happening here, and we are doing some major inner adjustment and development. What are your new needs? What are the values that you feel reflect and support your new sense of self? How do you feel about making your new desires into reality?

As we are planting seeds for the future, this is a time to remain patient. These alignments bring growth opportunities, but due to the inward nature of this energy, those opportunities will be experienced through seeing what comes your way — what blossoms — over time. For the next month, stay receptive.

Pluto in Capricorn trine Mars in Taurus and sesquiquadrate North Node in Virgo

Slow progressive adjustment leads to solid and stable integration.

The formation of these alignments brings us a clear glimpse of how the next two months will shape the way we will experience the rest of 2017 and beyond. In the last moon cycle (New Moon in Pisces/Full Moon in Virgo) we experienced the illumination of our selves, and we are now set to meet the outer world. The alignments of Pluto to the North Node ask that we see all aspects of ourselves with clarity, and ask ourselves, How do I fit in? How will my skills, values and sense of self be integrated into the collective?[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The vibration of Venus reveals to us the nature of how we interact with and relate to others, and how we inwardly relate to ourselves. The inner side of Venus directly correlates to our inward dialog we have with ourselves while the outward vibration of Venus is reflected in how we externalize that inner relationship to the outer world. With Venus currently retrograde, that internal voice and how we express it outwardly is a main focus at this time. (Conversely, so too is learning to understand the inner reality being expressed by others, as it is for them, as they also navigate this same internal transition.)

This process is an adjustment phase. We must respect that the outer world has already established structures, relationships, norms and customs, and when we learn about those established structures and how they function, we can integrate our new selves into that world and, from the inside out, begin to influence its framework. Thus, this is a time of changing, adjusting and evolving the outmoded structures around us (be they social, political, familial, or otherwise) and breathing new life into the new paradigms we have worked so hard to create.

The Sun and Moon in Aries conjunct Venus Retrograde in Aries/Pisces

Re-evaluation of ideas leading to new paths of inspiration.

The energy coming out of these alignments is incredibly strong. Aries is a cardinal sign, and its nature is to bring action and direction to anything it applies to. The energy of Aries is also what we associate with the experience of spring, when new life emerges out of the ground. So, as we move through this New Moon in Aries cycle, we are met with an incredible force of movement, one that seeks to breathe new life into our being.

However, while this energy is strong at the moment, we also need to acknowledge that we are still in a gestation period and we are still trying to match the outer world with the inner. This means it is important to understand that this energy’s effect creates a two-steps-forward, one-step-backwards motion. While this can feel frustrating, it provides a necessary balance to our sense of inspiration at this time, helping to ground our energy and limiting our chances of taking overly impulsive actions that may lead to undesirable situations.

The New Moon Message

Have you been working on your relationship with yourself, healing the unloved parts of yourself and making room for your inner light to shine? Have you found it increasingly difficult to accept that which doesn’t honor your presence, as you are? Are you no longer seeking tolerance but rather celebration of your being? Have you found yourself choosing solitude over situations to which you feel energetically misaligned?

As we have cultivated and strengthened our relationship to ourselves and found ways to integrate our shadow aspects, we have become more whole within while also creating a discord with our outer reality. The inner shifts lead to conflict with the outer world that does not support them, and this experience can be deeply painful and frustrating. Our focus has been inwardly focused, and the changes we have recently experienced have been inner changes, even if they were provoked by outer circumstances; and now, as we look up and out toward the future, the reality we exist within currently does not support this new sense of self we have established. The world around us has not changed, and this is making us acutely aware of the emotional wounds we carry.

Part of the healing process is one of walking the walk. It is about integrating our wholeness with integrity and love into the reality we exist within — both our immediate world and the broader world around us. We cannot make changes in the world by rejecting or overthrowing reality, nor should we disassociate and reject ourselves by accepting this discord. The changes we are making right now may take time, but they will be profound. And, just as profound as our internal changes have felt, so too will the outer manifestation of those changes be… and together we change the world from the inside out.

From the smallest to the greatest challenges we each individually face, we overcome them one day at a time, one choice at a time, by integrating our inner values into the world around us.

We are no longer seeking acceptance but rather celebration of our being! Be the change!

Simon & Jennifer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]