2019 Astrology Forecast

The Silent Revolution: Healing Our Collective Karma


We are in a time of immense change. Our world is moving into a totally new way of being. We are integrating completely new layers of what it means to be human and embodying dimensions of ourselves which have never before been experienced in the evolution of mankind.

The year ahead will reveal many things to us about who we are and who we have been, as human beings. It will offer us opportunities to grow in ways we may not have imagined possible. But it will not be easy; as we wade into new territory we will be asked to trust the process, and allow ourselves the time it takes to grow into who we know we can be and align with a life that is authentic and meaningful.

In this article we will explore the transformative potential in the astrological energies of the year ahead.




“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl





Pluto conjunct the South Node of the Moon

The year 2019 will unfold for us in a way that many of us have been wanting, working towards and sensing since 2012. To fully grasp the totality of what 2019 will bring us, we feel it is important to acknowledge some core critical experiences we have faced in the last 7 years that have lead us to want and essentially demand change in the world we currently inhabit.

During the period of 2012-2014, the planet Saturn moved through the sign of Scorpio. We also experienced a very powerful tension square alignment with the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus. What these symbols reflected to us were movements like Occupy Wall Street and Millions Against Monsanto, widespread ‘awakening’ experiences in which we became aware of deeper layers of controlling authorities, abuse and manipulation power within financial and political systems, and an overall sense of limitation people feel with in our lives due to the lack of transparency in media broadcasting.

What is important to note during this time of collective unrest was an understanding that we could no longer go forward without looking at the reality in front of us and asking ourselves the question: Is this true? From 2015 till the end of 2017, we entered a period in which social media became a powerful instrument in how we connected and communicated with each other. In 2016 the Standing Rock protest brought much awareness to how we relate to our natural world, showing us — along with other parallel events around the globe — that our regard for the earth and our place within its delicate ecosystems is in deep conflict. In the United States a huge divide in the opinions and priorities of Americans became apparent through the 2016 presidential elections, a process that made people the world over stop and reconsider what we have come to accept and what we have come to expect of government.

As 2018 closes and we look forward to what 2019 brings, this brings us to a point of convergence: a point at which we know our past choices have led us to a deadend and we cannot move forward anymore in this direction. We could easily be filled with a sense of apathy and hopelessness. On the surface it may seem like we are on a sinking ship and won’t make it through the next phase. But as we enter 2019, the convergence point in our collective karma will come into play. We are changing direction completely. Pluto in Capricorn, which reflects our unconscious core emotional attachments to life, will challenge our current conscious security attachments as this convergence point brings to a head everything that we have felt up to this point — and we will be faced with the stark reality that we cannot continue to allow or support the old paradigm of consumption, destruction, division, separation, suppression and aggression any longer.

At an energetic level this convergence point is a powerful turning point. The events of recent years, leading up to this point, have created a such a momentum and a desire for change that widespread transformation is now inevitable, as people increasingly stand up for what is right and sane and sustainable and begin to build the future they want to live, not the one they may otherwise inherit.



Saturn conjunct the South Node of the Moon

Involution is a natural part of the life’s cycle, when culmination or completion phases take place. As Saturn moves though Capricorn and approaches Pluto which is also in Capricorn, we are entering a stage of culmination regarding how we have structured our reality. As mentioned in the first section in this article, the convergence point in our collective evolution refers to a point at which we are stuck, and cannot keep moving forward in the same direction. Saturn’s approach to Pluto will make our need for drastic change truly evident. During 2019 Saturn will also make a conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, which is also in Capricorn, creating an energy that will demand a genuine examination and acknowledgement of the choices and priorities that have brought us to this most critical point.

This transit will also highlight the need for us to process many layers of collective grief. The Capricorn energy is associated with the delaying of stress, and this is a situation in which past experiences and circumstances have led us to repress and suppress emotions so we can focus our energy on survival. But when we have an individual transit of any planet through Capricorn in our own lives, we become aware of those displaced emotions. This is currently happening at a collective level. The energy of Pluto is felt at the deepest unconscious levels, and with Saturn and the South Node joining Pluto in Capricorn, we will have a very strong recognition of these dynamics which — again — will mean we can no longer simply ignore it.

Individually we may feel a sense of futility as we try to create new directions that get blocked by circumstance, but it is through this challenge that we will come to master our new healing path. The lesson here is that, when old circumstances block or hinder our way forward, only new choices will lead to change, not the same old choices. The way we will work through our collective grief and find a renewed sense of belonging is by making choices that foster a sense of community.



The Planetary Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

The planetary nodes of the outer planets are an extremely vast and expansive set of cycles that help us map ‘ages’ in our collective evolution. Energetically they represent our collective memories, the basis of experience that underlies the entire structural nature of our reality.

When we look at the planetary nodes of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, we notice that they are currently situated in the opposing signs Capricorn/Cancer. The current movement of both Saturn and Pluto will cross over their own South Nodes. What this brings into focus is another set of layered memories embedded within us, and this will be a time not just for facing our current reality but also understanding and acknowledging the past that brought us here.

This may seem overwhelming as the depth of the human psyche comes through into our awareness, and we will begin to see aspects of our individual and combined choices that we make each day, which supports and perpetuates the dysfunction of our current reality. Topics likely to come under focus and scrutiny are our relationship to fossil fuel technology; our relationship to capitalism, and to our education systems; the way we value purpose and measure success in life; and finally, how we value the role of the female (and the feminine) in our society. Under the movement of Saturn, with Pluto moving under these planetary Nodes we will find it increasingly evident that individually, new choices will have to be made in order to enact change in our lives.

The movement of Jupiter through Sagittarius will also bring about an interesting layer to 2019, with the planetary Nodes of Uranus found at 13 degrees of opposing signs Sagittarius/Gemini. Briefly, the nodes of Uranus carry with them the subtle imprinting of our far-term memory at a mental level. Jupiter’s movement over these collective sensitive points will highlight the need to integrate our collective truth into the structure of our new reality. This points to a world in which we learn to embrace our cultural differences as a path to higher meaning.



Solar Eclipse Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse Leo

We start the year with two eclipses that will set the stage for our growth pattern for the first half of the year. We start the year off with a partial Solar Eclipse in the sign Capricorn on the 5th/6th of January. This will set the stage for the processing of Saturn’s continued movement through Capricorn and the South Node’s approach to Pluto in Capricorn. The theme of Capricorn is clear for us here. Capricorn helps us establish the awareness and ego structure into which we need to grow, which ultimately deepens our wisdom and understanding of life. This is where we are invited to plant the seeds of our aspirations. 

Following the Solar Eclipse we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st January in the sign Leo. What the Leo energy will bring us is an awareness around how our current structures limit our true potential for creative expression. It is clear in our culture right now that we are failing to grasp love and compassion as guiding principles. We have a tremendous amount of shadow material in our psyche that separates us from seeing our divinity, our inherent unity, and our highest truth. The essence of this Eclipse pattern will show us how this separation affects us, and in ourselves and collectively we will see this occur. We can easily find more pain and separation in this as it will show us truly where the separation originates from.

The way to heal through this experience is to focus on how it has been passed onto you, from there without judgement see it as a layer of conditioning that comes from an untruth. In this sense you can begin to peel away the separation illusion and bring yourself back into your true being. Closing the gap on the heart is allowing yourself to be judgment free of yourself. In this case you can allow redemption to flow in, that brings you to a state of acceptance of the past and a natural willingness driven through a state of self-empathy to bring you closer wanting to not recreate the past dynamics. We are learning to re parent ourselves to allow for a healthy expression of inner authority to arise.





“The softer your heart is the less that your past is forming your present and your future. When there is openness and softness of heart, what forms the present and the future is not your past but the reality of your own being.” — John de Ruiter





Chiron enters Aries

Chiron will enter Aries again on the 18th February 2019, and this will mark a distinct turning point in our collective evolution. Chiron shows us that the way to liberation is through our shadow energy, and as Chiron enters Aries it will help us integrate the awakening insights we receive from the planet Uranus into the mundane physical realm of Saturn. Additionally, Chiron’s placement in Aries brings the flavour of rebirth into the equation. Aries is the cardinal sign that reflects an impulse to begin and discover something new. Each of us individually will have our own personal way of embodying this need to create, and change, and the more we embrace our unique story the more we will reflect and embody the deeper cycles of evolutionary change we are going through.

Part of the process in this collective evolutionary shift we are undergoing is the breaking down of all the outmoded patterns of behaviors that we have collectively upheld as ‘truth’ and what it is to be human. This process can cause feelings of insecurity and uncertainty because, as we dissolve the past patterns of behavior, we not only have to forge new behaviors but also find a new sense of meaning and security in our lives. We need to embrace a totally new direction — and helping us in that new direction in 2019 is Chiron in Aries, an energy that will push us to trail-blaze and to use our ideas and innovative thinking in ways we could not imagine.



Neptune sextile Saturn

Supporting the process of involution is the alignment of Saturn to Neptune.2019 has many aspects being made with the planet Neptune. As an energetic archetype, Neptune erodes anything that it comes into contact with and reflects to us where psychic boundaries dissolve. The function of Neptune here is to support the ongoing evolutionary process we are going through as a human race. The outdated boundaries that we have had in place, our unhealthy securities and any sense of purpose and meaning that no longer serves us, will all be dissolved. This will help us surrender the comfort of many of the structures that are currently in place, particularly those that create division, separation and isolation, and turn our focus toward new innovative and (socially, environmentally and spiritually) sustainable alternatives.

Conversely, these archetypal energies will also reveal to us where we still uphold theses illusory patterns, in ourselves and collectively. The sextile between Neptune and Saturn is a supportive energy that will keep prodding at us to surrender what no longer works for us. As we wrote earlier, Pluto, Saturn and the South Nodes convergence will bring attention to where we feel blockage, and this alignment with Neptune and Saturn will support us in seeing that a change in direction must occur, and that we can only find a new direction if we turn inward and navigate from a place that is not attached to the outer definitions of the old world.



Neptune trine The North Node of the Moon

What we are learning with this powerful alignment is important to the overall integration of how the next step in our evolution will unfold. As we suggested earlier, the way we will work through our collective grief and find a renewed sense of belonging is by nurturing our sense of community.

As the structures fall around us — as we let go of illusions of division and separation that have tainted our collective psyche for so many ages — an opportunity is being born. We are beginning to build a new collective identity that is rooted in new values, ideals and truths. The ongoing trine Neptune will have to the North Node shows us that in the midst of deep collective change, a new sense of hope and optimism remains available to us. Neptune will renew and inspire those who seek inclusion, integration and wholeness, and support the ongoing erosion of the past so we can move forward from this time frame.

Yet, whether we respond with optimism or despair, each of us will know during 2019 that the old is dissolving. What will likely cause difficulty for many is the hysteria that comes from holding onto disintegrating illusions. If you’re feeling lost, follow your inner guidance and motivation, and your direction will soon arrive on its own.



Solar Eclipse Cancer and Lunar Eclipse Capricorn 

The next set of Eclipses will take place in July with the Solar Eclipse on the 6th of July in the sign Cancer followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th of July. It is important to note that both these eclipses are happening in the same sign as the Moon’s North and South Nodes. This is a significant message in terms of the evolutionary direction of the human race. The activation of the Nodes with these eclipse patterns brings into focus the deep intense work that we will be called to embody and will magnify the potency of the energy in this phase of the year.

As we discussed, the old paradigm is reaching a point of convergence and this epic moment in our epoch will serve as the turning point that begins the re-distribution of power and empowerment back to the people, the reforming and reclaiming of our social structures, and a complete rethinking of their place in our society. What makes this a sensitive topic for us is that we can feel loss and disconnection just as much as we may feel the excitement of new ‘life’ being brought into the world. The question we have to ask ourselves is, Are we ready to parent our rebirthed selves? When it comes to nurturing and self care, the previous set of eclipses that started in January have prepared us to do just that.




“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” — Frank Herbert, Dune






Uranus re-enters Taurus and forms a semi-square to Neptune

It has become clear that the way we currently live as a human race cannot be supported by our natural world any more. More than just our structures and behaviors, our current paradigm of thinking is not sustainable anymore. We know we must begin living in a new relationship to our earth. Individually we can also see that our relationship to our personal health, our inner environment, can no longer be ignored or devalued.

The more we open up to healing ourselves the more we begin to see that we live in a world that, in a constant state of busyness and worry and over-stimulation, has lost its sense of nurturing and care. Our modern life has brought us many wonderful comforts, but it has come at a cost too high to bear — the majority of collective suffer at the hands of unnaturally fast-paced social structures which disconnect real people from their highest purposes and priorities and instead promotes the submission to systems of acquisition, power, ‘success’ and material stuff.

As Uranus re-enters Taurus in 2019 it will bring our attention to what we consider to be essential needs and show us that what we may have thought provides us happiness and freedom may actually be holding us down and dimming our light. As a collective, Uranus will help us see that sustainability can only come with the downfall of old patterns and ideals of competition and division. This is a big stretch for most to even comprehend, a new model grounded in cooperation not competition, sustainability not consumerism, but what is undeniable as we enter 2019 is that the only way we can effectively respond to our current circumstances is by embracing a radically new relationship to nature.



Jupiter square Neptune

Throughout 2019 Jupiter will be forming a tension square to Neptune, bringing support to the bigger cycle reflected by Pluto, Saturn and the South Nodes movement in Capricorn (discussed above) — the convergence point — the point in our evolutionary timeline where an old cycle reaches its natural end.

Currently we have beliefs that we live by that support the ongoing function of our society but which must be dissolved in order for a new sustainable pattern to grow. Jupiter’s square to Neptune is called a ‘crisis in consciousness’ angle, and this speaks to this point in our evolutionary growth where we are sowing the seeds of a new future but we are still a part of old structures and patterns. The impulse that this alignment brings will help us surrender any ideals and truths that carry no benefit or purpose to us.

This alignment can create a feeling of loss of faith, which can easily turn into a state of meaningless. We have to know this is occurring more as a result of the energies supporting a deep cumulative cycle, and will eventually lead us to a point of complete newness. As we move further along into 2019 this alignment will see us transition from feeling a loss of meaning and purpose to integrating our individuality as a sense of living more authentically with our personal truth.



Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus

Jupiter’s alignment with Uranus in 2019 will reflect many great things for us, although this energy may be rejected and repressed earlier on — since the very nature of the Uranus energy brings fear and uncertainty to those who seek to control and regulate and uphold dying structures. Uranus’ role in this alignment is to support and liberate us from outdated patterns of truth that no longer offer us any growth. The expansion of this energy will give us a sense of needing space to grow, and to expand. Jupiter will ask us to take a risk and to trust our innovative and radical ideas, from within us and from others who also are also embodying this process of innovation.

In 2019 Jupiter will be making aspects to Neptune and Saturn; to Neptune it will form a last-quarter square, and with Saturn we will have a balsamic phase cycle. What this means is that the energy reflected by Jupiter — our sense of belief and philosophy — is currently straining to reach culminating and liberation. Jupiter’s alignment to Uranus will simply offer the release point; the point at which this energy can finally be embodied and not suppressed.

During this time we will begin to look at new sustainable ways of using our resources. For example, one idea that may challenge the current social economic system is to use plastic as a form of currency. This is a great way to see how we will redefine our ideas of value, energy, and exchange for services.



Jupiter in Sagittarius to Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter entered Sagittarius late in 2018 and will continue to move through Sagittarius until December the 2nd when Jupiter ingresses into Capricorn. From there it will travel to meet Saturn for what is coined the great conjunction in 2020 at 0 degrees Aquarius. So what can we expect from the next two years as Jupiter leads to this point with Saturn?

Jupiter’s vibration will be conditioned by three eclipse patterns during its time in Sagittarius, which will leave us with insight into what to expect. The keys focus during Jupiter’s movement through Sagittarius will be finding purpose in what we see reality to be. With so many energies in Capricorn, it can be tough to find meaning in times of societal restructuring. A loss of faith and purpose can easily be experienced as the safety of what is known changes. Jupiter in Sagittarius can offer us the chance to revision our purpose through finding new horizons of exploration. Conversely this can also correlate to a time in which we become more separated by our beliefs as we can feel threatened by the meaning of life for another.

In essence, Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius in 2019 will help us find a deep connection, a sense of meaning in our lives from which we can begin to build a foundation from. As we reach the end of 2019 and Jupiter enters Capricorn we will begin to see our truths reflected back to us. This is a time in which we see the line between our authenticity and inauthenticity, then leading into 2020, the great conjunction will be the turning point in which we truly see what kind of society we will live in.





 “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ? Ralph Waldo Emerson







Jupiter enters Capricorn, Chiron enters Aries and Uranus re-enters Taurus

During 2019 Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron will change signs, which will greatly influence the themes of 2019 and the events leading up 2020. Uranus takes roughly seven years to move through each sign, and Chiron will take roughly eight years to move through Aries. Both of these two planetary bodies will most certainly change the way we see ourselves during the course of the year.

As Uranus moves through Taurus, the energy it reflects will go straight to the place where our innovative, awakened awareness meets our sense of comfort, boundaries and structure. As new meets old, the way we relate to structure will be challenged as we re-think our current systems and prioritize the need for reform. Uranus wants us to open ourselves up to deeper layers of personal growth patterns that are emanating from the deep layers of our unconscious (Pluto).

Sudden shifts in perspective around our core values and core needs will be felt during this time. Chiron in Aries will progressively push us to break free inwardly from old patterns, and while this will happen whether we are prepared or not, we will need to embody courage if we are to truly embody a new way of being. The questions we will be asking ourselves are, What choices and actions (reflected by Chiron in Aries) are sustainable? The shifts of Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries will lay the foundation for Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn during 2020.

A new order is arriving on the planet and these planetary bodies will be contributing to these changes in a big way.



Jupiter in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries and trine Uranus in Taurus

On the 2nd of December 2019, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and begin to form a trine to Uranus in Taurus. With both planets in earth signs, this alignment will help the stabilisation and integration of new energies to take place. 2019 will bring big evolutionary shifts in building strong foundations and support structures that can support our new human identity. With the earth trine between Uranus and Jupiter, a sense of being able to put our vision and innovation into practical application will become very real for us.

Jupiter’s square to Chiron will highlight the feeling of weight and oppression we may feel dealing with those who resist, who don’t want to innovative, and who hinder the creation of structures based on more progressive ideals, since they pose a threat to the feeling of security provided by current structures (however damaging). It is natural to feel fear and express uncertainty in the face of deep structural change. Tension will no doubt arise as some cling onto and even try to justify the value of failing ‘old paradigm’ beliefs. The dynamic between the need for progressive innovation and the fear of change will clearly reveal where we have in the past needed change or liberation but not successfully initiated or embodied it.

Overall these two alignments will push and pull at our awareness, which will then eventually lead to change, however this might be an uncomfortable process of fear and discord and confrontation, as people manifest the tension (square) dynamic between the need for freedom and newness, and the grounding of history and security. 



Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 

On the 26th of December 2019 we will have a beautiful solar eclipse in the sign Capricorn. What is special about this eclipse is that we started the year with a solar eclipse in Capricorn, which highlighted to us where we desired to focus, mature, grow and become our true empowered self — then as the year closes we will be blessed with another burst of energy, which will reveal to us the results of the dedication, discipline and determination we applied to our growth and empowerment.

Jupiter will also be initiated into the Capricorn cycle with this eclipse, and this also reveals to us what the next phase in our evolution will entail. Self-Mastery is the highest expression of the Capricorn archetype as it shows us that each of us are here to grow into the highest and deepest form of expression we can be. With Jupiter being 1 degree ahead of the Solar Eclipse we can see that there is a supportive energy holding the intention and gifting us with expansion in this area.

The essence of this energy allows us to see that during 2019, laying down the roots for our new life to be nurtured is what we are all working towards. The question is, Will we be successful in changing our lives, and embracing a deeper, more secure and more sustainable way of living that will continue to support us for generations to come? 2019 will be the year we decide.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller


There is a restlessness in the air, a deep stirring feeling of discontent, a yearning for something deeper, more fulfilling and meaningful. Change is on the horizon, and the magnitude of that change is becoming more apparent. Our securities are threatened, our structures are wavering around and beneath us. The integrity of our authorities and institutions is questionable. Distrust is spreading. Awareness is growing.

There is revolution in the air. The people want change. People need change. The life we have been living is no longer sustainable. It cannot continue. We know where it’s going.

The changes needed are on every level of our existence. Emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. We humans desperately need to transform the way we show up in the world. We need to wake up to the pain and suffering, the distortions and falsehoods; wake up to who we really are, see how far we are from living in alignment with that truth, and then begin a process of inner transformation. A total transformation is necessary and that transformation can only take place within each and every one of us.

As we wake up to the atrocities in our world, it can be natural to point our attention to the authorities to do something for that is how we have learned to do things. But that won’t help. Protests won’t create any lasting changes. War is not the answer. We cannot fight the existing structure to create the changes. That is not the way forward.

What we need is a silent revolution; a revolution that happens inside each and every one of us; a liberation from all that we think we have learned about this earthy journey; a liberation from the past and with that, a liberation from the dire future that we are facing — the future that is already happening. The revolution is taking place every time a mother does what is natural and puts her hungry baby to her breast, be it in a restaurant or the street, ignoring the judgements created by distorted laws and values. It is happening every time we connect with another human being in an emotionally accepting heart-centred way. It is taking place every time someone decides to believe in their inner guidance and follow their heart, not be limited by the beliefs of the mind.

It is easy to believe that we change the world by overthrowing the system or fighting for the things we believe should be different, but the biggest most significant changes actually happen in the individual, as we heal, as we find our connection to our inner guidance and follow that, as we stop allowing our minds to direct us, as we choose love over fear and build a meaningful life for ourselves, and as we learn to embrace our emotions and can be present for another in theirs.

Many of us live divided lives. Many of us learned early on to adapt ourselves to the expectations of others, to suppress our own natural selves and create outer versions of ourselves for the outer world. We learned to exchange our dreams for our options and our potential for security. When we conform to a reality that is not aligned with our authentic nature we are closing off our own ability to experience the depth of meaning and fulfillment that life has to offer. We are closing off from a sense of love and acceptance as we journey through life and instead we feel a void inside ourselves. Beneath the facades we have created there is another side of us, reserved mainly for those closest to us. This is the part of us that feels safe enough to relax and open up, without needing to hide anything. As we remove layers of our inherited reality, let go of conditioning and embrace our authentic nature we allow room for that part of us to grow and thrive.

There is a deep call to bring our true authentic selves to the surface, to embrace and love ourselves enough to dare share ourselves with others, as we are, in our authentic truth. There is a call to merge our outer and inner selves into one, to re-parent ourselves, to find our sense of security within ourselves so that we are not consistently adapting to our outer reality but creating ripples of change from within our unique authentic nature. For each one of us has a role in the new emerging model of reality that can only be found in the depth of our being.

The new model of reality is not linear, it won’t offer the sense of consistency and security that the old structure once did. The new structure thrives on diversity and flows with nature rather than against it. It emerges from within each of us and as we manifest ourselves into the world it reveals how we are interconnected. The new model of reality demands that we have faith in ourselves, that we trust the greater scheme of things to forces beyond our understanding. It asks us to love ourselves and our differences, embrace our uniqueness and step into the path that is waiting for us.

The revolution this world needs is a silent one. We are building a new model of reality that will eventually make the old one obsolete. Trust what is arising within you! Your heart knows!

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

Dear fellow travellers

After a year like 2018 I think it is safe to say we are all expecting nothing less than a transformative 2019 to follow. Looking back at the year that passed we are filled with a mixed pot of emotions, in fact we have been stretched to hold more depth of emotion in our hearts through the losses, the joys, the challenges and rewards we have experienced and feel grateful for the expansion.

Today is is the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon have aligned between Saturn, Pluto the South Node and Mercury which are all bundled in Capricorn. This energy is initiating the seeds of our aspirations for the year (and many more) ahead. It calls us to accept and plan for the slow, progressive changes that are needed at this time for the deep transformation we are seeking.

Our personal aspirations for the year ahead are to focus our energy on the transformative healing potential of Evolutionary Astrology. We have been deepening our skillset to hold even more understanding of the human psyche and the effects of the current and past conditions of our world, we have also been contemplating how we can better support souls who are in the process of healing. As you will read in the article below the changes we are facing now individually and collectively are asking us to move through the shadows of our past and to open ourselves up to a more compassionate, aware, expansive future. This is not an easy journey. We are facing the dark night of the soul as a collective, and this entails a full embodied transformation. We have been asking ourselves how we can best serve this transformation, how we can best serve others in healing and aligning with the deeper layers of themselves and how we ourselves can more consciously reflect these changes..as individuals, as a family and as a business.

With our new online school we have made it more affordable and accessible to everyone. We hope to serve these changes by sharing the knowledge of evolutionary astrology. We aspire to share the true depth and transformative potential that this knowledge holds. The journey of learning this language changed our lives and we wish to share that guiding light with others. It is a map to our inner world and it can help us become aware of and heal aspects of ourselves that could otherwise be difficult to objectify.  We hope to spread more awareness of how truly potent this knowledge is.

You may have heard us mention that we are also working with a system called Human Design. We have both been studying this system deeply and have been integrating the knowledge into our work for some time. As with astrology, it is an incredibly beautiful system for exploring the human psyche and when applied in the correct manner with the correct intentions it can truly support souls to heal and transform their lives. We wish to bring you more of this knowledge from our perspective.

As our children are growing and becoming less dependant, we plan to work more as a couple, to share our different styles of communicating our shared knowledge. We both wish to work with clientson a more long term, regular basis as a way to really support them through the changes we are faced with. But even just a single session can be a life changing experience. Nobody should have to go through this alone, without a guiding light or without support.

We will continue to share our bi-weekly articles, video teachings to youtubeand patreonand we also aspire to have an active student group for those studying our school material. We have so much inspiration to share aspects of this knowledge. We look forward to growing with you all.

Let`s embrace 2019 with an open heart!

With love
Simon & Jennifer