For some time now I have been noticing that many more people are expressing a genuine interest in planetary alignments. As we are transcending into a new paradigm, we are conscious that all things in the universe are inter-connected, and so many of us are seeking to understand how the planetary bodies surrounding us and their alignments are effecting us.

I also noticed that many people are aware of the sun and moon signs and even their descriptions/symbolism BUT are not really able to tune into what they actually mean for us.

In this article I would like to share some thoughts on how you go about understanding your sun and moon signs. My approach will be grounded in the idea that the soul is experiencing itself on earth as a human and, collectively with everyone else, participating in the game called evolution. Hopefully today I will be able to raise your awareness of the deeper truth of these two symbols.

Let’s begin here and open up with brief observation about what is true for life here on earth.

Is it not true, that life and our human experience finds it’s meaning through exploring and understanding the nature of creation? Are our spiritual paths not ones in which we learn more of our own personal truths through contrasting truths? Through day and night, happiness and sadness, wealth and poverty?

It seems the nature of life is duality, one in which the soul comes to experience itself through the use of an ego. In this discussion, we define the ego simply as a vehicle in which the soul uses to experience itself. A collection of experiences over a period of time that become your truth and identity. So in saying that, I believe that there is a natural expression of curiosity linked with the human condition and the soul’s journey. We naturally want to know more of who we are, leaving many of us with a genuine interest in reading astrological descriptions.

So what is your sun sign?

The Sun

Let’s begin with the sun in our solar system. It reflects the center. All the planets rotate around sun. We have a focal point. An integration point. All energies or planetary frequencies flow into the sun. We can also see it as the big flash light in the sky. The sun powers all life processes on Earth.

From that observation we can look at the symbolic meaning of the sun in astrology in the same way.

The representation of the sun sign in your astrology chart shows us how the soul is going about creatively actualizing itself. Giving it personal form and adding light to your journey here on earth. It is also the reason we all know our sun signs. Think about it… On your birthday, when the sun is shining on you, where is all the attention? On you! You are the center of attention. The sun also reflects an outward force. Your creative spark. It shows how you creatively actualize yourself.


The Moon

We enjoy the light from the Sun during the day, and then the comforting glow of the Moon at night. But the light coming from the Moon is an illusion. As you know, you’re actually seeing the reflected light from the Sun, bouncing off of the Moon which acts like a mirror. Apart from reflection of light, she orbits around the earth and moves through each of the 12 astrological signs each month. Reflecting to us and helping us become aware of the totality of our birth chart as it touches the different planetary aspects.

Symbolically we can interpret it this way. The moon will reflect to us the conscious identity of a person. This is a direct relation to how someone sees them self personally. The Ego. Why? Because, in your birth chart, the moon in its monthly journey will form every possible aspect and touch upon all the themes in your karmic story. Each month there will be an awareness of this. Over a period of time in your life the stories will become experiences that become a part of your identity. This is how you are shaped. Another way we are able to see the moon is through the reflection of the home. The home reflects your identity.

Now that we have a grasp on these two luminaries, let’s see how we can put them together.

The purpose and of the sun and moon in the birth chart will then reflect how you will be creatively actualizing your sense of ego structure. How you will be go about “expressing” sun sign – your “self-identity” moon sign.  Another way we can see this is in nature. As you know nature reflects direct truth, it is not something you need to have a belief about. So when we observe the interaction between water and sunlight, we see an array of color. The rainbow. The spectrum of light can be seen in terms of how the sun gives personal form to the identity.

Clear? Let’s move along…

Now I would like to go through all the 12 archetypes. I have given some core theme keywords to each sign. With this you will be able to match your sun sign with your moon sign together and then observe it for yourself.

Here are a couple of examples to get you in the flow of things. Remember… the Sun gives life to the ego identity

Sun sign Aquarius and your moon sign Taurus
Your natural way of creatively actualizing your self is through breaking outdated(Aquarius) thought patterns and ideas around your personal value system (Taurus). Valuing your own sense of individuality and defining your needs around what is personally right for you. When you actualize yourself this way, you not only show others how to remain individual within their own values but you lead the way in challenging the status quo.

Sun sign Gemini and moon sign Scorpio
Your natural way of creatively actualizing yourself is by exploring a diversity of information and understanding the deeper psychological and emotional truths behind them. So you will be learning to bring to the surface through articulation (Gemini) the deep emotional truths (Scorpio) that exists with you. You will be learning to communicate your motives, fears and vulnerabilities.

Got it? Now you give it a try.

Sun Signs


m-ariesThe Sun in Aries correlates to the beginning of a new cycle. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning lessons in self-discovery, through instinctually acting on your desires. By being proactive, exploring and allowing for your sense of purpose to become alive. Blazing through experiences and living life on the edge. Total personal freedom is required to actualize those desires that burn so deeply with in the soul. Your gift is to bring the world bold, independent and embrace courage. Your karmic keywords are to act on your impulses, take charge, be bold, explore the unknown and lead the way. 


The Sun in Taurus correlates to the cycle of survival. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons in making sure you are able provide and produce by collecting resources and allowing for self-sufficiency. You create alignment when you tap into your needs. Taurus will help you establish your value system and through that, you’re self-worth. Self-worth is linked to the value you are able to provide. Your gift is to teach how to develop abundance and self-worth. Your karmic keywords are self-worth, self-sufficiency and your value.


The Sun in Gemini correlates to the cycle of gathering information. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through gathering information, learning diversity and understanding relativity. Your intellectual development comes through the experience of observing the immediate environment then by arranging that information in a linear logical order. You are then able to articulate the nature of reality through the use of words. Your gift is teaching diversity and evolving our communication skills. Your Karmic keywords are curiosity, learning, writing, networking and understanding the diversity of opinions.


m-cancerThe Sun in Cancer correlates to the cycle of becoming inwardly secure. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through creating inner security and providing protection. Your strength comes from establishing your connection to home and your community. Through inward emotional self-reflection you deepen the connection to your roots which will lead to a formation of a secure self-image. Your gift is to make everyone feel safe, secure and nurtured. Your Karmic keywords are to form bonds with your home, family, help remind us of our roots.


The Sun in Leo correlates to the cycle of creative self-expression and self-actualization. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through creating and showing the world who you truly are. The activation of your personality. Your sign shows how we go about attracting attention. To actualize your personal dreams through brining your special gifts to the world in a big way. Your gift is showing us how to shine bright with unbridled creativity. Your karmic keywords are to show creative brilliance, personal distinction, be bold and develop confidence.


The Sun in Virgo correlates to the process of ego re alignment through service to others.m-virgo
In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons of becoming aware of the social context through switching the ego from being on top the pyramid to the bottom. You are learning to understand the needs of others through being of service to them. Your detailed eye and acute observation helps in making complicated processes practical and time efficient. Your gift is purification and discernment and to identify things in their purest form. Your karmic keywords are discrimination and acute observation, self-improvement, teaching humility and forgiveness.


The Sun in Libra correlates to the cycle of fairness and balance. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through neutralizing conflict, seeking harmony fighting for justice, developing equality and listening. In your life there will be experiences were two opposing forces will be present. Remaining centered is the key. In the realm of relationships you work on integrating healthy balance where both partners’ needs are met. Your gift is showing us the importance of harmony and balance and justice for all. Your karmic keywords are Fairness, balance, collaboration, equality and listening.


The Sun in Scorpio correlates to total transmutation, emotional bonding and confrontation of limitations. m-scorpioIn this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through intense life experiences. Betrayal, abandonment and loss are not unfamiliar to Scorpios. Extending trust and sharing your emotional self without fear of being too exposed. Here you will be confronting your own soul and merging with your definition of power. You are here to confront your limitations. Your gift is the ability to penetrate the depths of your and others psychology. Your karmic keywords are trust, emotional intimacy, inner security and transformation.


The Sun in Sagittarius correlates to the exploration and expansion of knowledge. What is my philosophy? In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons through exploring the nature of creation and aligning yourself with natural law through an ongoing search for the truth. As you align yourself with expanding your knowledge, you become more orientated with being humanities cosmic crusader. Your gift is infinitely knowing deep truths about the nature of reality.  Your karmic keywords are to explore and to expand your beliefs. Inspiring enlightenment and wisdom.


The Sun in Capricorn correlates to process of emotional maturation. In this lifetime your creative self-m-capricornactualization comes through learning lessons in dedication, discipline and self-preservation. Through learning how to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Establishing structure and honoring duty and responsibilities are key. Developing your connection with your inner emotional world leads to emotional maturation. Your gift is demonstrating responsibility, personal achievement and good organization. Your karmic keywords are emotional responsibility, right action and self-determination.


The Sun in Aquarius correlates to cycle the individuation and de-conditioning. In this lifetime your creative self-actualization comes through learning the lessons in inspiring others to be themselves by being a non-conformist and stimulating revolutionary ideas into the status quo. Your detachment and in difference allows for objectivity which leads to new fresh perspectives. The deconditioning of established structures allows for transformation. Your gift is to inspire us with your progressive thinking. Highly innovative.  Your karmic keywords are soul liberation. Non conformity, un-conventional, and inspiration of humanitarian ideals.


The Sun in Pisces correlates to the cycle of surrender and culmination. In this lifetime your creative m-piscesself-actualization comes through learning the lessons in alignment with a transcendental belief system. Through surrendering to a higher purpose you enact a service to the highest expression of source. With your sun placement here emotional healing is key. Your destiny is indiscriminately to merge with anything in your path. Your gift is your emotional sensitivity, compassion, empathy forgiveness. Your karmic keywords are inward reflection, alignment with timeless truths and surrender to unconditional faith.




Moon Signs


With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a strong willed, assertive and direct soul. Forthrightness and independence are important to you in your moment to moment reality. You would likely be a person who enjoys leadership.



With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a soul with a strong value system who will always be able to identify what resources are available in every moment of your reality.  You are likely to have a stable self-worth and be strongly attracted to money in one way or another. You will always strive for self-reliance and self-sufficiency.



With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a curios, knowledge seeking and diverse soul who will alwaysbe exploring the wonders of life. You are likely to be a great communicator and very logically orientated by nature.



With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a soft, sensitive, nurturing soul who prioritizes safety and security. . You are likely to have a strong need for belonging and connectedness. Your home is your castle and your family the most important people in your life.


LeoWith the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a self-expressive, creative, playful soul who enjoys spontaneity and not to forget, being the center of attention. You are likely to enjoy a party more than most and especially…your birthday. You are the adult who never grows up and that’s why children love you.


With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as perfection seeking and critical but all for the betterment of Virgoyourself and the world around you. You love to be of service to others and are likely to find great joy in healing, mentoring, exploring different ways of doing things and being dutiful.



LibraWith the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a fairness seeking, harmonious soul who is working to create balance in the world. You are likely to be seeking your soulmate as you will feel incomplete without a balanced relationship. You have a strong awareness of others and their realities.


With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a truth seeking, intense soul who is wanting deep honesty, Scorpioyearning for trust and psychological truth. You are likely to be attracted to empowering ideas and you can easily identify your own, as well as others, weaknesses.



SagittariusWith the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as an explorer of universal truth, searching for expanding ideas and understanding things intuitively. You are seeking answers to the big questions in life. You are a natural philosopher.




With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself an authoritative, mature, respectful soul who will always be hard working and responsible. You are likely to be very ambitious with a strong drive for the resulting respect and recognition.



With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as an innovative, future orientated thinker who demands individuation. You are likely to have a desire to de condition the rigid structures within our reality. You require individuality and freedom in every moment of your reality. It is important to you to have like-minded souls in your life.


PiscesWith the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as an extremely sensitive, all loving soul who can connect to anything and anyone. You are likely to be forgetful and somewhat spacy and you will be naturally drawn to altered states of conscious. You naturally understand the importance of flowing with and surrendering to the greater reality.


How was that?

Just with these examples here, we can start to see very clearly how immensely complex the human psyche is and how much more there is to explore about our divine nature using the wonderful tool of astrology.

There are of course many more layers to this process and each archetype can be expressed on many levels depending on the totality of your energetic signature, but hopefully this article has given a slightly deeper understanding and with that I have encouraged you enough to start exploring even deeper into the nature of your life here on earth. Giving you the opportunity to truly connect with your soul’s mission here on earth and to be able to see your natural evolutionary cycle.

I have attached a video to this article where I use an actual astrology chart to exemplify what I have written here. If you found this article useful then please be sure to read “Cleaning the Lens – an Introduction to Metaphysical Astrology“. And if you are interested in understanding more about your total soul signature then please contact me for a personal chart interpretation.

Until then…