[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b) Surrender Into Alignment(/b)” subtitle=”March 1st – March 17th, 2018″ uptitle=”Full Moon in Virgo – Surrender Into Alignment” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]Since the new lunar cycle began with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 15, a new energy has begun to flow through us and around us. It has been a time to embrace new directions, say goodbye to the old, and allow a new influx of energy to guide us forward. Planetary alignments urged us to not only to take action in new directions, but also to ensure that our actions are aligned to our newly reformed values.

Now, as the energies of today’s Full Moon in Virgo take form, we have the opportunity to begin defining our new direction and finally understand the events and stories that led us here, while at the same time we are invited to connect with the infinite, formless presence within ourselves — without allowing our minds to define it.[/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title=”Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.”][vc_column_text]

Filling in the Pieces

The Sun, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio oppose the Moon in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius

Surrender into alignment: That is the message that comes with this set of energies.

We have endured some powerful shifts recently, including the lunar eclipse (January 31) and solar eclipse (February 15), which supported our transition into new directions. We will continue to learn and integrate our new directions until mid year. For now, a main insight of today’s Full Moon in Virgo is the lesson of surrendering to the flow of this new energetic space without knowing where it may take us. (We will find a clearer sense of direction toward the end of March.)

The influence of the current pile up of planets in Pisces is infusing us with a sense of completion, and at the same time reminding us that once completion takes place, a new direction is truly born. Chiron has been travelling through Pisces for the last 8 years, and in April the “asteroid of healing” will move into Aries. This will mark a new journey in our evolutionary process and it will also bring even more clarity to the current shifts and transitions we are dealing with now.

In this light, this current alignment and Full Moon is an invitation to us — to watch the process of things ending, and feel into their meaning, and see our awareness rise in relation to this cycle we have just been on. In a sense we are filling in the pieces from the stories that have just past.

The Realm of Creation is Outside the Scope of Ego

Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the North Node in Leo

In truth, the key to navigating this lunar cycle is to pay attention to the ‘old self’ that no longer serves your path to deeper self-awakening.

Deepening our awareness of the stories we live helps us see the essence of our spiritual work. If we get caught up in believing that personal events and experiences are insignificant, we will forever be lost in darkness and never know healing. The path to wholeness and living authentic destiny is integration of the human ego and the spiritual self. We learn to cultivate this by allowing our experiences to humble ourselves — by allowing their themes and stories to show us that we are being shaped by something bigger and more complex than the ego can fathom.

This alignment invites us to see the realm of creation is outside the scope of ego.

Defining Our Direction

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn trine the Moon in Virgo

To understand the energy reflected by this alignment, it is important to understand that our stories are defined and shaped by our sense of direction and the definitions we give in each moment to where we are; that if we could not define our reality, we could not direct ourselves towards what the soul wants us to see.

The energy around the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31 asked that we trust not only in our ability to navigate from the heart, but to trust that our heart is the place from which our own unique destiny will naturally unfold. At the time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on February 15, we began to feel a sense of excitement as the energy started shifting us towards wherever it is we are headed. We received and felt a newness arising. We didn’t know where we were going but we felt excited at the prospect of going there. Now, carrying on the momentum of the Solar Eclipse energy, the Full Moon in Virgo brings us a cycle in which we can begin to start making sense of the direction we have navigated into. We are beginning to gain clarity as we see the next step in our evolution take place. Our story is now coming into form, and in hindsight, we are now able to start defining it.

Saturn in Capricorn offers us more support in defining our direction, by providing limitations to what is not a part of our path, and helping us heal the parts of our emotional selves that have been under developed and under nurtured. When we see our own empowerment as our own responsibility, we can learn to see what parts of us need growth and nurture, observe our needs for growth and healing, and then act upon those needs. That is the process this energy pattern supports.

Another dynamic these energies will support is the healing of our emotional wounds. Each of us has had to move through emotional experiences in our lives that we could not process, and therefore repressed into the unconscious. This energy pattern offers support to the process of realizing, releasing and healing those emotional wounds. Each experience of healing and integrating is allowing us to move closer to authenticity, and to an emotional identity that supports the new paradigm of human evolution.

 The Full Moon’s Message — Let Love Form You

When we search within our limitations of time and space for what our hearts are seeking we can only see partial reflections of it. Our hearts are seeking the wholeness we have come from. The connection we “lost” when we entered into form. And we search for that love and try to create it, and try to hold on to it. We keep losing it repeatedly through our lives, in all the forms it has manifested and all the forms we have searched for it in — since none of them are spared from the law of impermanence.

In every loss we are invited to look deeper, to look beyond form, and to find what we are seeking. We are invited to look with our hearts, not our eyes, to find what we seek. For the love we are seeking is boundless, it transcends time and space, form and definition. When we lose connection with something or someone we have found that love in, the pain we feel arises from our inability to channel that love towards the form we have defined it through. So the mind then believes that love is gone, lost, but our hearts continue to feel that love, seeking within the limitations of form for another place to connect it.

Through this pain, we are invited to close our eyes and search with our hearts, to see that deeper love in all its forms, and reach through our limitations to find what is eternal.

Our greatest gift is to find the formless while in the form, to know our immortality while we walk in this temporary manifestation of self. This is our deepest desire and the one that keeps us returning in this spiral of life and death, and keeps us going every day. And no matter how deep into separation and pain we travel before we find it, we are on the path that leads to being totally embraced by love.

The reality we have created reflects the loss of love and connection in our hearts, the pain and despair of the seeking heart. But we have the ability to manifest the polarity of that loss and pain by looking beyond the form, finding the connection our hearts are seeking, and allowing that connection to move us in this dance between spirit and matter. Right now, no matter where you are in your life circumstances, you are invited to connect with that place of love within you without allowing your mind define it. Allow that feeling of love to guide your every moment, and allow definitions to be a function of hindsight. By living in trust from this space, you will allow love to form you into manifesting love and abundance. Only then can we know the beauty of being in the form.

With love,
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