[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b)Being Open to Receive(/b)” subtitle=”Forecast for March 17th – March 31st, 2018″ uptitle=”New Moon in Pisces” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]Since the last New Moon (in Aquarius), a new energy has begun to flow through us and around us. This past month has been a time to embrace new directions and better understand the events, energies and stories that led us here. The energy of the Full Moon in Virgo (March 1st) also invited us to surrender and connect with the infinite, formless presence within ourselves — a necessary part of integrating the lessons of our past and forging ahead on our newfound path.

Now, yesterday´s New Moon in Pisces initiated an invitation for us to go deeper — to deepen our connection to the energies of compassion and empathy, and see the infinite formless presence not only in ourselves but in others. Through accepting our own pain and treating ourselves with compassion, we can truly being to heal ourselves from the pain of duality and the suffering of separation, and with the support of the energy of the New Moon, extend the same compassion to others — and thus, begin closing the loop of separation and finding our way back home to Oneness.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.


Self-Reflective Empathy

The Sun and Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron in Pisces

It is not difficult to see that we live in a world that has been torn apart by our loss of connection to our own humanness. In our history we can clearly see that we as a human race have been hit by many traumatic experiences that continue to feed the pain of the illusion of separation. Pisces is the archetype that reflects to us this illusion. It is through the human physical form that we lose sight of our holistic, interconnected nature and become blinded by our sense of division.

One of the key understandings that today’s New Moon energy brings is the wisdom of the asteroid Chiron. Chiron’s plays and will continue to play a very profound healing role in our collective psyche. Chiron reflects to us the way we integrate the relationship between the ego personality and our spiritual journey. As the Sun and Moon move through the vibration of Chiron, we will be invited to create alignment between our human sense of individual self and the spiritual path toward compassion and Oneness we each are here to walk.

This is a deeply profound alignment because this energy will be highly charged, and this symbol will offer us tremendous awareness and healing potential. Due to the nature of our times, this awareness will not arise in ways that seem colorful and at times will actually be deeply painful. The awareness of our pain will invite a self-reflective need for empathy toward ourselves and others. Compassion will naturally arise and in this process, we will begin to find our way back to our humanness; a state of heart centeredness. This requires work, and in this state we have to acknowledge the pain.

The key insight that will beautifully flow through this New Moon alignment is compassion.

Cellular Regeneration

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio trine the Sun, the Moon and Chiron in Pisces, and Mars in Sagittarius

Activating the power of this New Moon is the harmonic energies of Jupiter in Scorpio trine the Sun and Moon in Pisces. These energies will reflect to us the evolutionary potential to heal our wounds that are buried deeply in both our collective and individuated subconscious.

The energy of Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio supports our growth in understanding our deep emotional complexes. These deep emotional memories are stored with in our body’s cellular memory, and when we understand the human body’s relationship to water and emotion, we will collectively begin to see that healing our (dis)-(ease) is about purifying our stagnant emotional memories that are crystalized in time (duality). Our bodies regenerate when we release toxicity, which leads us to cellular regeneration. This is the key to understanding this alignment of Jupiter to the Sun and Moon (remembering that the Sun and Moon are also in alignment with Chiron at this moment).

As we purge the old and liberate ourselves from the pain of duality that has become crystalized from prior repressed emotions, we will see our hearts begin to feel and fly into higher states of awareness, giving, and sharing — of finding our way back home as a human collective. During this time, Mars (reflecting instinctual action) will also be at 29 degrees Sagittarius (the sign of higher consciousness), reflecting to us a cycle of completion, helping to harmonize the insights offered by the trine between Jupiter, Sun and Moon.

Creating Space

Venus and Mercury in Aries trine the North Node in Leo and square Pluto in Capricorn

A illusion of separation is a pivotal part of our human condition. This leads us to experience a tremendous amount of pain through the sense of abandonment we experience on the ego level. The moment we are born, our first experience is one of separation, and as life goes on, our emotional experience of duality can lead us to shut down and give up on life. We can lose sight of and even abandon our dreams, aspirations and vision through dis-associating from our pain. The suffering we endure can be truly difficult overcome.

The square Venus and Mercury is currently making to Pluto is helping us align with a path of deep transformational healing, by showing us how our core trauma is linked with that sense of abandonment. When we see our emotional attachments to the past and how we re-create those dynamics to order for them to be resolved, we become empowered; we can subjectively see the unifying perspective in each emotional experience.

Creating space in our lives is essential to bringing this cycle of understanding to a close. We have come to the end of the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, and with today’s New Moon and these alignments that support it, a cycle of liberation from our past traumas is available for us to see and feel. A new world of inner understanding is opening up for us, and in this light, it is time to complete this cycle with empathy and self-awareness and allow the new to truly take root. On an individual level, we are being offered profound resolution to our internal conflicts.

New Moon Message – How to Heal

Why do we live this human experience? What is the purpose of all the darkness in the world? Why this suffering?

It sometimes seems so strange that there is a purpose to this experience and yet it is unbearable to imagine the opposite. And that thought in and of itself, that we could be forsaken in this experience, stirs a feeling of deep humanity and compassion for our shared suffering. Those very feelings are the purpose of our suffering. It can awaken our humanity, compassion and love, the recognition of our shared experiences of separation and loss and the realization that we all seek the embrace of love… every one of us… no matter how deeply into darkness we have traveled.

In an attempt to avoid suffering we create more of it, and it is overwhelming to see how much we have created. We have been turning away from the wounds that remind us of our humanity, hiding from the pain that teaches us compassion and, thereby, pushing ourselves deeper into the separateness that feeds and breeds more projection, hatred, disconnection and discontent into the world.

Yet, if we can find the courage to face it, to see our own darkness and to befriend it as a teacher of life, we can access something beautiful and healing as we also begin to see it in those around us, and that, through our shared humanity, we are connected.

Before we can have the wisdom and compassion to contribute to resolving this polarity, we must find the courage to stand in our own suffering and to know ourselves; to face and forgive all that we have been to ourselves and others; to lovingly embrace all that we are. This is the place from which we can truly be there for others in the way that they need it — through compassionate acceptance and loving forgiveness of all that we are and all that we have been.

As an observer with a deep connection to one’s own suffering, it becomes apparent when we look in another being’s eyes how their light is obscured by their feelings of separation. By holding space for ourselves to explore the totality of what it is to be human, the full spectrum of humanity, we become beacons of light for others to explore their own.

Today’s New Moon is an invitation: See yourself in your totality, forgive your imperfections, and love yourself wholly. Then turn around and do the same for others.

With love,
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